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Site maintenance

Postby Aaron » Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:35 am

Hi Everyone,

The current incarnation of the Bundysoft website is nearly 13 years old, and it's high time for some site maintenance. Most of the software that runs the site - such as the forum, blog and wiki - is getting pretty long in the tooth, and should be upgraded before it becomes unmaintainable. As a consequence, various parts of the site may temporarily become unavailable over the next little while as I swap out the old code and drop in the new. Hopefully it will all run smoothly, but I make no promises.

My intention is to start with the dokuwiki based systems (blog, docs and users' wiki), before turning to the forum and front page. At the same time, I'll be looking at changes to the registration/sales system, which is overly dependent on e-mail. Although this works pretty well for most users, it fails when e-mails are blocked by spam filters, which happens more often than I'd like (never, preferably).

As a consequence of this tinkering, I've decided that it would be prudent to close the store until the works are complete. I don't want to run any risks with accidental interruptions to the payment system when people are still using it. That said, users of L3DT Professional can still get it using the trial registration system (it's free, so I'm less nervous about temporary interruptions).

I thank everyone for their patience, and apologise for any inconvenience caused by possible interruptions. If you have any questions or notice any site bugs, please feel free to contact me at aaron@bundysoft.com, or reply to this forum thread.

Best regards,
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