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L3DT release 2.7 beta #2, reloaded

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L3DT release 2.7 beta #2, reloaded

Postby Aaron » Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:13 am

Hi Everyone,

I've released another update to to the beta-release of L3DT v2.7, which includes the following changes since the last beta in December:
  • Added a toolbar to Sapphire, for greater ease of use.
  • Fixed the problem with the texture/attributes brush tool going behind the Sapphire window during 3D editing.
  • Further extended the scripting capabilities of Sapphire for, amongst other things, customisation by users and easier debugging.
If you've not tried any of the beta-releases of v2.7 yet, the full list of changes since the last release (v2.6), excluding those already listed above, include:
  • Support for 'undo', including multiple levels of undo.
  • Major extensions to the ZeoScript scripting language, which can now actually do useful stuff like loops, conditional flow control, file input/output, math operations, etc.
  • Added B3D format support for BlitzBasic3D, Realm Crafter, etc.
  • Stability fixes for the activation system on 8-core machines.
  • The update manager can now automatically check for updates.
If you'd like to try-out version 2.7 before it's release in late February, you can download the beta-release right now from:
  • For L3DT Standard Edition, the direct link is here [~11MB].
  • For L3DT Professional Edition, please consult your sales/registration receipt e-mail for download instructions.
  • For L3DT for Torque, please e-mail sales@bundysoft.com to request access to the beta release.

Unless a serious bug is found at the last minute, this is the final beta release before the 'stable' version of L3DT 2.7 is released later this month. I don't expect to make any further changes, but user feedback is always most welcome (please reply to this thread). Also, if you'd like to make suggestions for the next release, now is the time. As we sometimes say down here, whaddaya rekon?

Best regards,
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Postby nicethugbert » Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:29 pm

Suggestion for next release:
Already mentioned this, but, in the hopes of pushing it up the priority queue, I shall reiterate. Add to Saphire a third person view of a "Ginger Bread Man" moving across the terrain at the camera's focus point. This will establish a visual reference for height. A refinement of the idea would be to block movement based on terrain steepness.

My personal motivation is the ability to determine the walkmesh that will result when I import my L3DT maps into NWN2, prior to import. If I have just the basic "Ginger Bread Man" then I can guess the walkmesh by eye by having a reasonable sense of scale. If I can plug a steepness number in by which to block or permit travel of the Ginger Bread Man, then my estimation is much more accurate.

Just the basic Ginger Bread Man is a big help. I generally go by the presence of rock formations but this is very inaccurate as I don't know the rules that determine them or steep grass, etc., or walkability on the NWN2 walkmesh. It's a lot of bad guessing for me now. The results could be better.

EDIT: Another visual que would be a grid on the terrain map, conforming to it, analogous to the DM map.
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Postby Aaron » Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:12 pm

Hi Nicethugbert,

Thanks again for the request. This is on the dev plan for v2.8.

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