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L3DT Pro 14.06 Release Candidate

Postby Aaron » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:23 pm

Hi Everyone,

The release candidate for L3DT Pro 14.06 is now available on the downloads page*. If no last minute bugs are found, this version will be released as L3DT 14.07 in about two weeks' time.

Some highlights from the list of changes since L3DT v11.11 include:
  • A better tool window in the Sapphire 3D editor interface, plus high-resolution triangle rendering of terrain around the brush tool, and improved support for 3D rendering of huge maps.
  • Significantly better-looking Torque 3D exports thanks to support for detail normal maps in T3D materials (see pics in this thread).
  • The ability to import and blend together two or more heightmaps (see tutorial).
  • The ability to generate previews of the heightfield from selected areas of the design map when editing the latter (see user guide).
  • A better mesh optimiser for the mesh file exporter (see blog post).
  • A major re-working of the thread and memory management, which should greatly improve stability and performance for very large maps.
I would be most grateful if as many users as possible could download the release candidate and give it a try on their usual workflow. If you find any changes that you do/don't like, please feel free to comment in this thread. If you find any bugs, please let me know as soon as you can. It's far better to catch any last remaining nasties now than in two weeks' time. Any and all feedback would be most welcome.

Best regards,

* Please refer to your sales / registration receipt for the download link & instructions.
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