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L3DT pro update, site news, etc.

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L3DT pro update, site news, etc.

Postby Aaron » Tue Dec 13, 2005 8:41 am

Hi All,

I draw your attention to the most recent L3DT Pro update:


So far, two out of 115 registrants for L3DT 2.3b Pro beta have reported faults with the activation code processing module, and this update is intended to allow me to find out exactly what is going wrong. So, if L3DT shows you an 'activation code is invalid' message, please send me the 'debug.dat' file from the L3DT installation path (eg. C:\Program Files\L3DT), and I will decipher the log and hopefully re-tune the code to work on your computer.

In other news, I've unlocked this 'announcements' thread/topic/whatever, so you can reply directly to these news posts (but you can't post your own items). I thought it was a bit silly to force users to reply elsewhere.

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