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Postby Aaron » Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:11 am

Greetings All,

I'll be disappearing for a week or two over the end-of-year break, but before I go I'd like to wish everyone a warm, safe, over-fed and mildly intoxicated 'festive season', and a happy New Year. I expect to return on or about the 2nd of January, but I will pop my head in occasionally to make sure the spambots don't completely overrun the site. However, I won't be available to process registrations or sales in a timely fashion, and thus the Bundysoft store is temporarily closed.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to remind everyone to cast their vote in the Image of the Year competition. I'll tally the votes on my return, so you've got a bit under two weeks to think about it (as of the time of posting).

Best wishes, good luck, farewell, cheerio and adieu,
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Postby mauronen » Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:28 am

Sorry Arron for this long disappearence but i'm fighting with many troubles this last months. My father in law is took in hospital and, unfortunately, is in agony. So all other important things of my life (work, child, Tolkien with related other interests like L3DT) pass in second level.
But, i hope (for us and for my father in law) that this situation could ends soon :cry: .
However, no sadness. It's Christmas.

I think that at begin of new Year i will continue to play/test with L3DT and i will reopen thread about L3DT architecture.

aaron wrote:Best wishes, good luck, farewell, cheerio, adieu
and ciao (for italian guys like me :) )

Merry Christmas and happy New Year for Aaron and for all great forum's users.
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