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Postby Aaron » Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:37 pm

Hi Everyone,

After almost 9 years, ‘L3DT for Torque’ has been discontinued from the GarageGames store. There is, of course, no need to panic.

This change does not affect support for the Torque3D engine in L3DT, as all export plugins are still included with L3DT Professional. L3DT for Torque and L3DT Professional have been functionally identical since L3DT v2.5c in 2008, with the only difference since then being the activation system.

Speaking of activation, I have been assured that the GarageGames Ignition server will continue to activate L3DT for Torque for the near future. Nevertheless, I would urge users of L3DT for Torque to contact sales@bundysoft.com to receive a permanent off-line activation key to L3DT Professional, just in case. All extant licences to ‘L3DT for Torque’ will continue to be supported by Bundysoft.

I’d like to extend my thanks to all the present and past staff at GarageGames with whom I have had contact over the past 9 years, and in particular Ben, Tim, Ken, Karen, James, Derek, Brett, David, and Jacalyn, who provided outstanding technical, customer, and business support.

If you have any questions, please reply to this forum thread, or contact sales@bundysoft.com.

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