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Good and bad news

Postby Aaron » Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:20 am

Hi Everyone,

I regret to announce that there may be a minor delay to the release of L3DT v2.5. We're still negotiating our way through the final stages of QA testing, which should now be completed later this week or early next. For the mean time I invite you to try the very latest release candidate on the downloads page, which is remarkably similar to the final build. The ides of March were always a bad omen anyhow.

There is good news however; I can confirm that the Atlas plugin will be available on the L3DT Pro downloads page when v2.5 is released. Thus, current L3DT users will not have to buy a new 'L3DT for Torque' license to get their hands on the Atlas exporter.

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