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Update to Atlas plugin

Important stuff.

Update to Atlas plugin

Postby Aaron » Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:28 pm

Hi All,

I've found and fixed a bug in the L3DTio_Atlas2 plugin that caused blended terrain to appear black in TGEA. The updated plugin has been included with the latest developmental build of L3DT Professional, which is v2.5d build 6, dated the 14th of June 2008. This update is now available on the downloads page for L3DT Professional users.

Update for 'L3DT for Torque' user?

This update has not yet been included in the stable release of 'L3DT for Torque' that is available from the GarageGames site. Due to the rigours of beta-testing, the stable release is still some weeks away. Nonetheless, iIf you would like to access the developmental build with the updated plugin, please e-mail aaron@bundysoft.com and I will send you the required download instructions.

Atlas tutorial

There is a new 'Making blended and unique Atlas terrain for TGEA' tutorial in the wiki, which - as the title suggests - explains how to generate both unique and blended atlas terrain files for TGEA using L3DT. [Note: To follow the tutorial, you must have the updated version of the L3DTio_Atlas2 plugin.]


Here are a few hot-of-the-press blended Atlas terrain, as generated by L3DT and exported using L3DTio_Atlas2:



Best regards,
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