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help with making a map from a image

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help with making a map from a image

Postby jayjar291 » Fri May 04, 2018 4:15 pm

Hi so I am making a make of Isla Sorna from Jurassic Park 2 but I am having an issue making the heightmap (it does not need to be movie accurate just the shape)
so I have this image https://i.imgur.com/ArLPe1O.png and that is the shape of the island. so if I put a cloud render in it it looks like this https://imgur.com/L1Qcjaj and that as a heightmap is pretty good but the edges are like cliffshttps://i.imgur.com/PXWWa3O.png
so I am wondering if somehow I can smooth the edges somehow thanks in advance -- Jared
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