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Lowering the seabed as quick as possible.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:04 am
by Spookygnu
Hi all.

I am looking for a way to lower my sea base floor without affecting the base ground level or height of the map in total.

I know I can use the function in operations/heightmap to give a min and max to the terrain. I'm wanting to adjust just the sea base floor and the gradually smooth the gradient to the shore as quick as possible.

On larger maps it's quite time consuming using just the leveller tool, then smoothing the edge of the sliced area. Followed by perlin noise to create the undulations on the sea floor.

I was doing this the other day and thought it would be cool if I can select an area with maybe a polygon or something and lower that, then along the edge select that with a polygon and give it a smoothed slope via the amount of strength value.