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Virus removed

Postby damien_conroy » Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:59 am

I installed both the standard free and developmental free builds. During install F-secure removes L3DTtio_TIN.zeo, warning about Variant.Ursu.16085. I haven't found anything written about this on the web, I haven't got full control over the virus software at my workplace. Any thoughts on getting it to work?

I want to use L3DT to output terrain for Unreal Engine.
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Re: Virus removed

Postby Aaron » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:24 am

Hi Damien,

Thank you for your question. The L3DTio_TIN.zeo plugin was last modified 11 years ago (build date 2007-06-25), so it's pretty unlikely to have a virus that seems to have been first detected last month. All pattern-matching AV software has a non-zero false positive rate, and this is another example.

Does F-secure stop the L3DT installer when it removes the L3DTio_TIN.zeo plugin, or does the installation proceed as normal otherwise?

If the installation otherwise works, you should be OK, as you probably don't need L3DTio_TIN. This plugin is only used to save heightfields as triangulated irregular network files (.tin), which is a kind of primitive mesh file format. If this plugins is deleted by F-secure, L3DT should continue to work just fine. L3DT will probably throw an error on startup due to the missing plugin; to prevent this, go to the extensions manager ('Extensions->Manager...', in menu), select the L3DTio_TIN plugin in the list, and press the 'remove' button. When you restart L3DT, it should all be sweet.

If the installer fails due to the F-secure intervention, please let me know, and I'll cook a new installer without this plugin. I doubt anyone uses it anymore.

Best regards,
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