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Compression HELP!

Postby erehman04 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:36 pm

I've been trying to import an SRTM Tif file I sourced from OpenTopograpgy and use as a heightfield which I will later use in Unreal Engine 4. However, I get an error message saying that the compression mode is unsupported and that the file could therefore not be loaded.

I checked in the tif file's properties and found that the compression type is LZW. Is this type of compression unsupported by L3DT? If so Is it a recent addition as in several youtube videos people have had no issue importing OpenTopography .TIFs in the past.

Any suggestions on how I might be able to import this would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Compression HELP!

Postby Aaron » Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:20 pm

Hi Erehman04,

I apologise for this inconvenience. The TIFF plugin for L3DT has never supported compression. I'd recommend you use VTBuilder (link below) to load the TIFF, and then export it in the BT format, which L3DT can load. VTBuilder has excellent support for a wide range of georeferenced terrain data formats, whereas L3DT only supports a few (uncompressed GeoTIFF, BT, and MOLA .lbl/.img files)

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