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Project save problem

PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:55 pm
by Servo
I have imported a 8192 X 8192 and have compiled the water \ lighting and texture detail for it and I am able to export it to TGEA as an atlas terrain no problem. but if I try and save the project it only saves the hightmap data and none of the other layers and it gives me this error.


aaron hope you will be able to tell me what is wrong this has been driving me crazy.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:30 pm
by Aaron
Hi Servo,

You're running out of memory, which is why the FreeImage plugin is unable to allocate a bitmap in memory for writing the image files (jpg/png/etc). I recommend you split the water map, attributes map, normal map, light map, and texture map into a mosaic using the 'Operations->Active map->Split map into mosaic' option.

Best regards,

Edit: Alternatively, you could enable the 'split map into tiles (mosaic map)' check-boxes in the wizards when you re-generate each map.