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Unreal Engine tiles export need update

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Unreal Engine tiles export need update

Postby Dude » Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:35 pm

Version: 16.05 Pro x64 release build 1
Build date: 5-May-2016


In newest Unreal Engine versions (now I'm on 4.19, but I think this issue is much older) for correct export files can't contain 0 (zero coordinates for x nor y). Weird, but I did tests with renaming all tile files. Now they start from x1_y1 etc. Import is correct with this rename.

When exporting with zeros, like a from L3DT Export/Export overlapped tiles have wrong order in Unreal Engine level editor world. Tiles rows are mixed, no idea why. Is possible to move tiles to correct places, however it can create other problems later, so correct filenames are required.

Here's how it looks right after import to UE:

I'm not 100% sure where is problem - maybe in UE, but is something to check

Thank you


No other issues. Thank's to tutorials and some forum threads landscape is well aligned, without gaps between tiles (perfect match), correct scale - all as expected, just this tiles mix.
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Re: Unreal Engine tiles export need update

Postby demi101 » Wed May 22, 2019 5:22 am

Back a couple years ago I as demi (which account no longer works /hint Aaron!), we had a discussion on this. I believe if you select heightfield tab then select file -> export active map layer, there is a check box for UE4.
I can't look at it at the moment as I am in the middle of making a water table for 131kM map which will take a few weeks.

BUT...That is just part of the issues. You will need to flip all your textures on the y-axis.

Unreal imports the y-axis from the high number to lower and draws the terrain from the bottom up. Now if the L3DT build no longer has the option, you can copy the files to a new directory reversing the y-axis.

I used a batch file do it. As example:

copy test_HF_x0y255.hfz <new folder>\test_HF_x0y0.hfz
copy test_HF_x0y0.hfz <new folder>\test_HF_x0y255.hfz

I stopped using Unreal for large terrains due to the issue with collision. If the player hits a steep slope the collision is off and the player ends up going under the terrain. Maybe it is fixed now?

I use Multiverse because it does 131km (16 Gpxl) maps with no problem. Of course my version is not the old MV since it is MIT license now. (just my hobby)

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