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Alpha map DDS saving broken in Pro

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Alpha map DDS saving broken in Pro

Postby niello » Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:54 am

Hello Aaron.

Just downloaded trial version of Pro to create multichannel alpha (splatting) map for my test terrain asset.
It works but saving DDS map is broken in both 16.05 and 18.08.

Generated alpha image looks correct in L3DT, but saved DDS file contains only the last of 4 maps in channel G and channel A is 1.0 where G is present and 0.0 otherwise.
If you reload the project, alpha map in L3DT looks incorrect too.

There are also less critical but very annoying problems:

1. It ignores format selected in "Alpha map options" page and uses the format set for RGBA in format preferences.
2. "Clear alpha maps" command in 18.08 doesn't delete alpa maps from disk or from project XML file. It only closes them in the application.
3. In 18.08 alpha map generation always prints an error (but still generates maps):
CreateDir error:
- call to _mkdir failed for '' (error code 2: 'No such file or directory').

OS Windows 8.1 x64

Hope you can fix this or publish sources so that I can do it by myself.
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