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changed rez and then attrib map error happened

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changed rez and then attrib map error happened

Postby Psycho » Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:24 pm

Any idea how to make this work, or should I start again?

    I was making a map of 1064 x 1040 (or similar non-power of 2 dimensions)

    I had rendered all the maps (texture, light map, attrib, alpha etc)

    I tried to export to Torque via community plugin

    Said heightfield needs to be square

    I resized heightfield to 2k x 2k.

    Export to Torque - failed to run exporter.

    I used the cal wizard to re-render all maps after heightfield - did water table fine

    Tried to render attrib map and got this error - stopped.

Code: Select all
Log cleared
calc_AM_GenPixel error:
 - cannot retrieve climate indices

calc_AM_GenMap2 error
 - couldn't calculate attributes-map pixel
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Postby Aaron » Sat Jul 26, 2008 2:20 am

Hi Psycho,

You need to resize the design map to 32x32 pixels, using the 'Operations->Design map->Resize design map' menu option. The attributes map calculation gets the climate ID from the design map. If the design map is the wrong size for the attributes map, the calculation won't be able to lookup the climate ID, and you get this error.

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