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It doesn't hurt to ask...


Postby MiToVo » Wed Feb 18, 2015 6:36 pm


So, I just replied to the thread regarding having a way to get your bearings on a map, and it got me thinking.

Would it be possible to create a kind of "mini-map" that could be inset in the 3D viewer, maybe in the top right corner? It could show, perhaps, the heightmap view (or maybe it could be configurable to show any of the existing maps - though that's getting greedy, I know). Your location and direction could be shown as a small red arrow or something like that.

Perhaps, as a possible feature, there could be a small "Pin" icon or something, where you click on it, and your current location/altitude is automatically entered as a bookmark in the Teleport window... with each saved location appearing as a small icon (small pushpin or whatever) on the mini-map....

Again, getting rather detailed, there, but i think something like that could be a huge help, especially on larger maps... and particularly in the "early stages" when there aren't (m)any major landmarks to work with.

I created a quick and dirty mockup of the idea, using some pics already on this site :p. Should give a visual idea of what I'm thinking.

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Re: minimap/compass?

Postby h4voc » Fri May 08, 2015 8:53 am


as i started to work with really big maps, i ran into the issue that it takes long time to realize where i am and what i am looking at in 3D view.

+1 for this great Feature idea!

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Re: minimap/compass?

Postby David Walters » Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:58 pm

This seems like a great idea but might take a lot of work to add?

As a compromise perhaps a marker on the existing 2D map view indicating "3d camera is here" might work? You'd have the 3D view and main view side by side to get an approximation of a 'mini-map'.
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Re: minimap/compass?

Postby frostic » Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:05 am

this, omg this is just what this program needs. this idea should be added asap.
i really love the idea about the "bookmarking" that will help sooooo much when you are working on a huge map
and you are adding areas to it for towns etc. have maybe a little drop down box at the bottom of the
mini map so you can select the saved location and click it to teleport to it :D it wouldnt need exported but just as an editor tool :D

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Re: minimap/compass?

Postby Aaron » Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:37 pm

Hi David and Frostic,

Thank you for your feedback. It's on my to-do list to add a mini-map to the HUD in the 3D view. It shouldn't be too difficult, but it has to wait for some other higher priorities (e.g. debugging the next release.)

As for the 'teleport' feature requested by Frostic, that's already there.

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Re: minimap/compass?

Postby frostic » Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:44 pm

OH wow! awesome. never seen it before in 11.11. I'm updating to 15 now :D
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