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PAUSE, Island, Percentage, Forester

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PAUSE, Island, Percentage, Forester

Postby Oktyabr » Tue May 05, 2015 9:04 pm

Love the software. It's probably the most highly recommended and widely used in the ARMA community.

Feature requests (sorry if these have already been mentioned), as in the title:

"PAUSE" -- Simply a button that pauses the current calculations. Some large terrains take a good deal of time to develop and may use the majority of the PC's resources. I've missed more than a few Skype calls, etc. because I didn't want to disturb the rendering. A way to temporarily pause L3DT, and then later resume, would be fantastic!

"Island" -- I love starting off with a random Design Map and then tweaking it manually from there. The one feature I wish this had was an "island" slider, basically at MIN - no restrictions on land placed on border (and the assumed continuation of it off map), and on MAX - No land in the squares adjacent to the map borders! Obviously this might generate a problem when the "Sea - Land" slider is all the way over to the right, i.e. maximum land, so maybe it would just require an improvement on this aspect, perhaps the addition of a checkbox that can only be selected on less than "max land" and when selected, gives preference to the map locations not adjacent to the map borders?

"Percentage" -- L3DT is the only graphical oriented application (2D or 3D) I use that does not permit numerical entry as an alternative to the sliders. I know the sliders have a percentage of some sort associated with them and a more granular control over what those variables end up being is unlikely to improve results or speed up work flow but none the less it bugs the OCD part me that is used to seeing them ;) Same with perhaps knowing any key random number seed used in generation, so one could be manually entered (again) to produce similar results?

"Forester" -- As one might guess from the name, a way for L3DT to determine forests on a terrain: ground cover, tree size and type, forest density, small meadows/grassy plains, biyou, wetlands, swamp, etc. This too could be integrated with climate and variable slider(s), end result being an editable "flora map" (tree removal for future cities, roads, etc.) and/or flora layer added to the attributes map. I have to generate this attribute later in my terrain building process but to have some smart, procedural algorithm based suggestions would be a time saving god send for me, and might help reduce the "artificiality" in appearance I end up spending so many days trying to correct. It wouldn't have to show individual trees (maybe some mock ups in 3D view) or anything, just color coded regions keyed to different biospheres.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: PAUSE, Island, Percentage, Forester

Postby psvialli » Wed May 06, 2015 8:47 pm

+ 1 to all that :)
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Re: PAUSE, Island, Percentage, Forester

Postby woehlb » Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:53 am

The option Island would be interesting.
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Re: PAUSE, Island, Percentage, Forester

Postby Darth_Rogue » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:03 pm

The Island option would be a big help especially to those who use L3DT to make terrains for Arma, as many of those terrains are typically islands surrounded by water. In addition to your suggestions, you also could have options to define the min or max number of grids that are defined as sea, and also what percentage of the total land mass should be contiguous (to allow for automatic generation of a few smaller islands in addition to the primary land mass), Being able to specify a minimum and maximum height at time of terrain generation would be beneficial as well.
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