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new features

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 5:36 am
by jabo1SFH

I realize not many people stop by anymore, but I personally have been tinkering with L3DT for the past 10 months or so and was wondering if it is at all possible to have a brush that can do terrain modifications such as:

Ramp gradient.
A brush that could allow a constant change in altitude from point A to point B that would give users the ability to create roads along the side angles of a hill or mountain. right now the best option is using "Level at" and constantly stair stepping the results up or down depending on the area of the generated terrain to make the "sloping" effect which would then need to be smoothed over. **edit: my bad, just saw the other post about roads. maybe a combination of that thread and this suggestion?

Addition to climates: Dirt.
we have several different types of grass, rocks, sand and we have snow in L3DT. why is there no "dirt"? just plain ole brown dirt?

ability of L3DT to read and process .srf files? maybe even have them be a separate entity from climates?

Just some thoughts to ponder.


Re: new features

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2022 6:50 am
by jabo1SFH
Well, even though I usually do not reply to old posts, but I did not think a new thread was warranted as I would like to make another request.

Would it be possible to add a terracing brush to the heightfield editor? I know we have the slider in the design map, but having a brush to do the same thing to edit heightfield maps would be really nice to have when doing freehand terrains from the blank heightfield editor.