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Sapphire Requests / Over-speed bug?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2023 8:57 pm
by David Walters
Hi, I know this project is kind of in hibernation, but I recently got back into using it and had a few requests based on my experiences. I know it's a long shot to ask this in nearly 2024, but I figured I'd at least write them down because ultimately even though I've tried other terrain tools out there, L3DT is still my favourite and works the best for my needs.

So, first request - I'm trying to create a small low poly terrain for a game project I'm planning. I'd like the terrain lighting in my game to be flat shaded, i.e. lit with the face normal, rather than using vertex normals and Gouraud shading. Sapphire looks exactly like this but only when the mouse is away from the viewport (e.g. in the window caption or toolbar) or HF edit mode is disabled, during editing, I get smooth terrain faces - which awkwardly perhaps - I don't want to see. Would it be possible to add an option to always display the terrain with flat face normal lighting? (something like Options > Terrain > [x] Flat Shading) edit: So it looks like there is a Lighting > Smooth Shading option, but it's ignored when editing, ahah - sorry, that changes my request into a bug fix I guess

Second - many of the editing tools run too quickly on my machine. They all seem to be set up to work on an auto-repeat with a delay timer which is running way too fast (even though the HUD fps is showing 16ms). Tools like the smooth brush and avalanche are very hard to work with as before I get a chance to release the mouse, my terrain is deformed way beyond my requirements. I'd like to request an option (a checkbox or something, not a permanent change) for tools to respond only to single clicks for each iteration of the Cliffs, Avalanche, Bulldozer, Smooth and Perlin noise tools. Also, there is probably an underlying issue with the speed of brushing actions on modern systems too - movement speed is very fast too.

Third - an option to auto pause if the Sapphire window loses focus. I know you can manually pause, but it's unexpected to have to do this. Funnily enough I was typing this message and noticing my camera zooming around for 'no reason' before I realised what was going on :D

So I get that I'm probably way too late to ask for this stuff (hopefully not), but these changes would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,