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Postby dpadam450 » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:11 am

I touched L3DT back in 2007-2008, never really used it. Now that I'm pretty serious with my work, I am writing my own tools, study other peoples, figuring out stuff:

Here is a basic L3DT default generated desert map. I took the HF + Normals from L3DT. Then dropped into my own geometry mip mapped terrain engine.
I'm not using any color map but instead using 3 splat textures tiled, and 3 splat normal map textures. I'm not lighting using the normal map, simply using it as input to a TBN matrix do do normal mapping with the splats. And I'm not using the splat maps either, just an image made from GIMP plasma plugin and then modified a bit.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_3xCxRDUKc&fea ... tu.be&hd=1

Not sure how much I want to deal with L3DT. My main issue with it is that the manual HF editing in sapphire is just slow and decimates the terrain too much. You can see the rendered HF at its real resolution, instead you see the low approximation mesh and just assume that when it bakes, there will be a bunch of detail there. Also why no real time lighting/updating yet? I compute my terrain normals, shadows, etc in a shader. The light map and normals can be done quickly in a shader even if its 1x every second and not every frame.
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