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Back at it again.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:37 am
by demi
Hey all,

I am back to coding and running wild in Unreal 4.9.2 LOL.

Just did a bunch of character stuff and putting together a new world to play in.

Before you click these links! They are rather risqué keep in mind this is a WIP for a multiplayer game (aimed at adults) that is a personal project using assets that are NOT mine. Most of it is Skyrim and mods but the code IS 100% mine even if it is slightly broken at the moment. I am working on concepts here.

Character creation like you never will see in a game.

A text to lip generator.
Initial test after a week of programming.

Some bug fixes and another concept of controlling the head.

Initial Combat design.

Next up in a few weeks after the generation is complete, I'll give you a view of the world.