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Announcing the launch of the "Terrain Summit" comm

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 8:46 am
by JavaJones
Today I'm pleased to at last be able to announce the launch of one of my many side projects. In cooperation with the Middle Earth DEM Project and the CG Arts organization, I have helped to create a website dedicated to discussion of the greater terrain modeling industry and craft. I would like to invite everyone here to participate in this newly launched community!

We will be discussing a broad range of subject matter, from procedural terrain modeling and rendering to georeferencing, global terrain generation and visualization issues, to networked application issues, and much more.

Rather than being a competitor for communities like this one, it is focused much more on broad theory and the future of terrain modeling and visualization in general. Applications like World Machine, Terragen, Geocontrol, Global Mapper, and the like will be discussed, but the goal is to identify and help solve the remaining major issues of the terrain industry, rather than to discuss techniques of specific applications or critique work created in any particular application.

I hope to see many of you there over the coming weeks. Stop by and see what we're talking about, even if you don't feel you have something to say. You never know, you may have the magic idea that revolutionizes terrain modeling as we know it! :D

- Oshyan, Terrain Summit Administrator