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Small Scale Real World Data Into L3DT

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 5:51 am
by TFC
Hi all,

I've been using L3DT for the last few years to mod for a sim called MX Bikes. Since modding for this sim mostly involves creating replica motocross tracks using heightmaps from around the world L3DT is the perfect tool for that. I put together what I've learned over the years into some video tutorials on YouTube and thought others might find it useful. ... 43jRoK8rxA?

In the tutorials I cover capturing real world data, bringing it into L3DT, adjusting heights of all sections of the track, creating the track path, creating jumps and other track obstacles and texturing. While some stuff is specific to MX Bikes, other stuff is not and could be helpful to some people depending on what they're trying to do. Hopefully useful to someone anyway.