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CMapGroup::WBL_LoadList error

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CMapGroup::WBL_LoadList error

Postby Aaron » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:24 am

Hi Everyone,

A user recently reported a fault that occurred when loading a map project, resulting in the following error message:

CMapGroup::WBL_LoadList error:
- cannot open TXT file
CMapGroup::AutoLoadMap warning:
- cannot load water body list

This problem occurs when the water body list in the project is deleted in error (likely program fault, not user error). How or why that happens I'm not yet sure. I have seen this reported before, but very rarely.

This is actually a completely harmless error, as the missing water body list is not presently used for anything outside the water map generation algorithms. Nevertheless, there is now a fix in L3DT 17.03 build 1. To re-generate the water body list (and thereby banish this error), select the 'Scripts->More scripts...' menu item, then select the 'WBL_Regenerate' script, and press OK. After the calculation completes, save your project. Thereafter, your project should load properly with no errors.

Best regards,
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