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...here's a newy...

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...here's a newy...

Postby doooogle » Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:50 pm

Found a tiny, inconsequential little problem with 2.5 RC3.4...

Ran Design/Inflate on a 164x164 km map (512k mosaic, blah blah blah... nothing too exciting...).

Got as far as the design map then decided that I wanted a map half the size (164x82 km) so I created a new map and ran Design/Inflate again.

Lo and behold, the design map came up like this...


(that's half the old map up top, and the new map down below...)

I refreshed a couple of times with no change, but when I minimised the window (to start writing this post) and went back to check my settings, the map had changed to this...


As I said... tiny and inconsequential, but I figure it does help to know about this stuff...

= Doogs

(Oh, and by the way... lurrrrrve this program... can't stop playing with it!!!)
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Postby Aaron » Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:40 pm

Hi Doooogle,

Thanks very much for the bug report. It looks like the window's zoom coordinates weren't updated when the map size changed (if you scrolled in and out, I bet it would work). The double-drawing of the first image happened because L3DT doesn't clear the whole window when re-painting; it clears the area around the zoom rectangle to white, then paints the map over that rectangle (this prevents flickering when zooming/panning). This means that if the map doesn't fill the whole zoom rect, you'll see the map that was there previously. Anyway, I'll put this bugfix on the to-do list for v2.5a, as it's probably not a good idea to go upturning the display code this close to a stable release. Thanks again!

Best regards,
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