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Reflection of the Universe

Postby zedd85 » Thu May 06, 2010 8:15 am

Hi, everyone!

I want to present you a new MMORPG project, called Reflection of the Universe.

All the terrains in there made using L3DT and there will be more and better.

Special thanks to Aaron!!!



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Postby Aaron » Thu May 13, 2010 1:46 pm

Hi Zedd,

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for letting us know about your project. It looks rather nice, and I like the inclusion of the flight simulator.

For those of us whose curiosity exceeds our fluency in Русский, the following is a (pretty good) Google translation of the RTU 'about' page:

Reflection of The Universe - The reflection of the universe ("RTU") expected "shareware" game. This implies a lack of monthly fee. The player determines the amount of financial investments. They are necessary for the repair of equipment, tools and weapons, procurement of certain types of ammunition. For a pleasant stroll and research enough minimum amount. For fans of the rapid progress and maximize opportunities, investments are limited only by personal purse. The project has an opportunity for spending, and for earnings. The possibility of withdrawal of currency from playing games and converted into real money. The economic model "RTU" provides for the return of the invested funds and a player to minimize interference from developers. The project consists of two interconnected systems - part of the game and the business part.

The fundamental difference "RTU" from existing similar projects, this is not the principle of one-armed bandit in the earnings and harmonious scheme, creating conditions for the establishment and maintenance of private business, systems of production and resource extraction, close to the actual management.

Reflection of The Universe provides a means of management and control, and how they dispose of, you decide. Balance between the game and the business part of it is the main priority of the developers that will satisfy both fans of fan and those who wish to ensure their financial well-being.

Sounds a little like SecondLife, but with more game (a flight sim!) Being the cautious type with a passing interest in sociology and economics, I'd be a little concerned about the potential for money laundering and hyperinflation. Nonetheless, ambitious goals should be applauded. Good luck!

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