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Network Batch Rendering

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Network Batch Rendering

Postby Calsa » Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:27 pm

Hi, I was wondering if we could get network batch rendering added to the feature list. Being able to render terrain across a render farm would greatly speed up the compile times of any map (most notably large ones) which would make me extremely happy :) Since L3dt can already break large terrains into chunks (Mosaic tiles) it would seem all that would be needed is the network transmission code and some flow control code added to the master system in order to achieve the basic functionality of this.
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Postby Aaron » Sun Nov 05, 2006 5:08 pm

Hi Calsa,

I've added this to the 'to do' list, but I haven't set a date or release just yet. The network code is no biggie (that's my real job), but there is a difficulty in that the calculations have to be re-cast to work in a parallel tiled fashion so that the calculations themselves can be split up (not just the data, as with mosaics). Some of the required changes to the calculations have already been made for a multicore/multiprocessor version that's in development, so I suppose once that's done I'll start thinking about the network code. Thanks for the request.

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Re: Network Batch Rendering

Postby BrianClough » Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:25 pm


Sorry to bump such an old article thread, but did a networking plugin ever come to exist?

My Threadripper is marching through a render at pretty much max settings, quite happily, 48 hour 3D render to go, but I have a spare 8C/8T PC sat doing nothing that I could utilise as well. :o)

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