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CMapWrap:Lininterp error

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CMapWrap:Lininterp error

Postby Terje » Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:22 am


I’m rather new to L3DT, and would like to test some of the software’s ability to make large detailed textures.
Under light mapping I have set the parameters to:
LM/HM ratio to 31, and
tile size to 2048 – making 31x31 tiles
LM size becomes 63488x63488:

After 10 hour’s in the light mapping session, I run in to this error message:
The function 'GenArea' in the plugin 'L3DT-CORE' has failed with an exeption. You may be able to continue your session, but some data may
have been corrupted. Would you like to continue?

And the event log repeatedly shows:
CMapWrap:Lininterp error:
- only one pixel found for point (2.032258,2032258)

And here it seams that the session are stuck.
Any suggestions to fix this problem ?
Have I set some bad parameters?

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Postby Aaron » Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:27 pm

Hi Terje,

Thanks for the bug report. I'll look into it.

Any suggestions to fix this problem ?

It's probably the LM/HF ratio of 31. I suggest you try 32.

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