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Who may add/edit pages?

To edit and create pages, you must be a registered member of the L3DT community forum.

New pages

Before you make a new page, please consider first whether your topic is sufficient to warrant a whole page of its own. Would it fit-in better as a sub-section of another page? We would prefer long, comprehensive pages to zillions of short page stubs.

Editing existing pages

You can edit the pages of others so long as your contribution is constructive. The author has the right, of course, to revert to the original version without your changes. In the unlikely event of a Wikipedia-style reversion-war, a rule in the access control list will be applied to restrict editing of the page to the author and admin only.

The other rules for page editing are:

Be nice when making corrections

If you think something is contentious or factually incorrect, please add a comment to that effect, but don't change it yourself. It's really up to the original author to correct their work.

The comment should look something like:

…blah blah blah, and that's why the earth must be flat!

Umm, dude, I think your logic is flawed. — aaron 2006/01/29 17:40

The code for that was:

> Umm, dude, I think your logic is flawed. --- //[[user>aaron]] 2006/01/29 17:40//

To get that last bit with the username, date and time I hit the 'insert signature' button (extreme right in the toolbar, or ALT+Y).

Don't delete anything you didn't write yourself

That's just plain impolite. If you have a problem with something someone said, add a comment and state your point of view. If it's really objectionable material, report it to site admin.

Additions must be relevant to the page topic

If you're going to go off-topic, please do it on another page.

Correcting spelling/grammar

It's OK to correct obvious typos or spelling mistakes, but please don't do anything petty like change English spelling to US spelling, or vice versa.


If you add new content to a page created by someone else, please clearly attribute the additions to yourself, so that readers know who said what.

  • You could do this either by adding your signature. — aaron 2006/02/23 01:52
  • Or, you could create a 'credits' section to the end of the page, outlining what you've added.

You probably shouldn't bother with attribution on pages like links, but if you're editing someone's tutorial obvious attribution would be appreciated.

Page content


It would be appreciated if you could limit content to the broad categories of:

  • Using L3DT, or related/similar software.
  • Terrain generation and visualisation.
  • Programming.
  • Other software or web-stuff.

The moderators will maintain a laissez faire disposition towards the content of your pages, but they will delete anything that is really off-topic.


Anything spammish will be deleted immediately, and your login will be revoked. I can't stand spiced ham!

Offensive or trollish

Quite apart from swearing; any material that is likely to cause grave offence to a reasonable human being will be deleted, so please don't post it in the first place. If you're clearly trying to piss someone off, you won't be welcomed back. And we will mock you. Mercilessly.

File types

Image files are cool. Still thinking about the rest.


Please, for the love of god, proof-read your work. Does it make logical sense? Are your spelling and grammar correct, or at least readable? This is just a simple courtesy you should extend to your readers, which I am sure they will appreciate.


Adding copyrighted material

Don't post anything for which you do not own the copyright. Illegal stuff will be removed immediately, and repeat-offenders will be banned.

Copyright of wiki contents

The contents of this wiki are licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Creative Commons Deed.

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