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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Description A calculation plugin for blending and manipulating image maps.
Menu option None (use scripts, see below)
Download link Not yet available
Dependencies L3DT or later.

Using ZeoImage

ZeoImage does not have a user interface. It is intended as a back-end calculation plugin to be used by other plugins via its extension functions. It can also be used via the ZeoScript plugin. Example scripts are provided below.

Example scripts

Overlaying an RGBA PNG image on the texture

// create the map variable
new map "MyOverlay"

// load the map from a PNG (must be RGBA)
ExtAPI.map.LoadFile <v:MyOverlay> <z:file.OpenDlg "png" NULL "PNG images (*.png)|*.png|"> 4 <f:0 4 png> false false

// overlay the image on the texture with offset x=10, y=100
ZeoImage.Overlay <m:TX> <v:"MyOverlay"> 10 100 1

// delete the map variable again
del "MyOverlay"

// redraw the texture
ExtAPI.view.ShowMap "TX"


2007/07/13 — Complied.

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