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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Description Undo / backup plugin for L3DT.
Download link Included with L3DT installer.
Latest version (1st of April, 2009)
Dependencies L3DT v2.7 build 3 or later, and atExportArea

Using L3DTio_Backup

L3DTio_Backup is the back-end implementation of the undo, backup and restore features in L3DT and Sapphire, and has no user interface of its own.


2009/04/02 — Release v2.7.2.0, with L3DT 2.7 build 3. Updated to Zeolite v2.7.2, and fixed/hid this bug.

2008/12/03 — Released v2.6.1.0, with L3DT 2.7 beta 1. Updated to implement automatic 'undo', with multi-level support.

2008/06/09 — Released v2.5.4.0, with L3DT Updated to work with ZeoScript v2.4.5.1.

2008/04/06 — Released v2.5.3.2, with L3DT Pro Added support for backing-up generic maps (non-HF/TX/etc, inc. alpha maps.)

2007/02/29 — Released v2.5.3.0, with L3DT v2.5c beta 1. Added support for restoring maps that have been closed.

2007/06/14 — Released, with L3DT v2.5.1.7.

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