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 ^  Author | [[user>Aaron]] | ^  Author | [[user>Aaron]] |
 ^  Formats | Bitmap image (.bmp), 16-bit greyscale bitmap (.G16) | ^  Formats | Bitmap image (.bmp), 16-bit greyscale bitmap (.G16) |
-^  Download link | [[http://www.bundysoft.com/L3DT/downloads/plugins/bin/L3DTio_BigBitmap-bin.zip|L3DTio_BigBitmap-bin.zip]] [114kB] | +^  Download link | //Included with L3DT installer.// | 
-^  Source code | [[bundydocs>zeolite:downloads:examples|over here]]. +^  DLL version | of June 2014. |
-^  DLL version | of May 2013. |+
 +<html><!--^  Download link | [[http://www.bundysoft.com/L3DT/downloads/plugins/bin/L3DTio_BigBitmap-bin.zip|L3DTio_BigBitmap-bin.zip]] [114kB] |
 +^  Source code | [[bundydocs>zeolite:downloads:examples|over here]]. |--></html>
 +===== Using L3DTio_BigBitmap =====
 +==== Export map layer as bitmap tiles ====
 +The **L3DTio_BigBitmap** plugin includes an option to export the currently displayed map layer as a bitmap image at full resolution, and optionally cut the image into a set of tiled bitmap files. This exporter was developed to export bitmaps with file sizes up to 32,768x32,768 pixels per tile; a size that may cause out-of-memory errors when exporting bitmap tiles using the standard //[[bundydocs>l3dt:userguide:io:export:active|export active map]]// wizard.
 +To use this exporter, select the '//File->Export->Export map layer as bitmap tiles//' menu option in L3DT. This menu option opens the window shown below:
 +<html><div align = "center"></html>
 +| {{:plugins:fileio:l3dtio_bigbitmap:exportbitmaptiles.png|}} |
 +The //Options// button allows the user to edit the file format preferences for the bitmap file exporter. For more information, please refer to the [[bundydocs>l3dt:userguide:io:preferences#file_options|file preferences]] page in the user guide.
 +The size limit for bitmap exports is 32,768x32,768 pixels per file. If you want to export an image larger than this size, it must be cut into tiles by setting the //Tile size// value to be smaller than or equal to 32768. 
 ===== To-do list ===== ===== To-do list =====
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 ===== Changes ===== ===== Changes =====
 +2014/06/19 --- Added //'File->Export->Export map layer as bitmap tiles'// menu option. 
 2013/05/18 --- Added full native support for attributes map. 2013/05/18 --- Added full native support for attributes map.
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