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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Formats Spring SMD files (see specification.)
Download link L3DTio_SMD-bin.zip
Source code L3DTio_SMD-src.zip
Source license LGPL 2.1
DLL version v2.5.3.2, 18th of January 2007.
Dependencies L3DT Pro v2.5.2.27, L3DTio_Spring v., and ZeoScript (or later versions thereof).

Editing SMD settings

To create or edit the SMD settings, select the 'Extensions→L3DTio_Spring→Prepare SMD settings' menu option. This will open the 'SMD Editor' window. The settings in the SMD Editor are divided into five categories, and are shown on the six tab-pages listed below:

General Atmosphere Water
Light Teams Types
For more information about any of these settings, please click on the images above.

Saving SMD files

The SMD file is automatically saved when you select the 'Extensions→L3DTio_Spring→Export to SD7 archive' menu option. However, you may also export the SMD file by itself using the 'Extensions→L3DTio_SMD→Export SMD' menu option.

To do list

  • Add bounds checking on team start positions, absorbance values, shadow densities, etc.
  • Add SMD reader (?).



  • Released v2.5.321.
  • Write type list based on contents of attributes map.
  • Added 'Types' interface in SMD editor.
  • Copies detail map, water texture and skybox images into 'maps' directory.
  • Added browse buttons for detail map, water texture and skybox filenames.
  • Added preset store/recall buttons.


  • Released v2.5.3.1.
  • Added 'Calc' button to light settings page.
  • Changed 'X pos' and 'Y pos' columns on team settings page to 'East/West' and 'North/South'.
  • Fixed bug in SMD writer, which had written 'StartPosY' instead of 'StartPosZ' in the TEAMS section.


  • Initial release, as v2.5.3.0.
  • Included with L3DT Pro dev build


  • Commenced development.
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