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Plugin information

Author Aaron
Description Azurite is an OpenGL-based renderer for 3D mesh objects.
Menu option 'Extensions→Azurite→View heightfield mesh'
Download link Included with L3DT 2.6 and later.
Last update v2.7.1.0, 26th of January 2009.
Dependencies L3DT v2.7 beta 2.01 or later, atMeshDecimator.

Using Azurite

...from the OBJ/X/B3D export mesh decimator

Azurite is opened from the 'preview…' button in the mesh decimator window when exporting a heightfield as an OBJ, X or B3D mesh file.

For more information, please see the atMeshDecimator plugin page.

...from L3DT's menu

You can also open Azurite from L3DT's menu using the 'Extensions→Azurite→View heightfield mesh' option. This will first open the mesh decimator window (described here):


Once you select your triangle count and click OK, the Azurite window will open and begin rendering the mesh, as shown below:



2009/01/26 — Added OpenGL error checking, and updated to Zeolite v2.7.1.

2008/09/30 — Released.

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