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Plugin ideas and requests

Please list your ideas and requests here. To edit this page you must first login (top-left), and then hit 'edit page' (top/bottom left). Once you're done, please be sure to sign your requests using the Insert signature button (2nd from right on the edit toolbar, or ALT+Y on the keyboard.)

File format plugin requests

Format Application Requested by?
FBX1) AutoDesk Maya, etc. Aaron (for C. Taylor, via e-mail.)
DTED N/A Commander in this forum thread.
DEM N/A Aaron, and Servo in this forum thread.
TRN Neverwinder Nights 2 terrain file (partial spec.) Aaron (for Cedric, via e-mail.)
LWO Lightwave object file (binary mesh file). zmodem, in this forum thread.
ECW2) ERDAS ER Mapper, etc. Aaron (for Andre, via e-mail.)
DBO3) DarkBasic. yurif74, in this forum thread.

Outstanding requests

A DDS alpha map exporter for TrueVision 3D

By Ryan, via e-mail:

“Is it possible to export the alpha layers to .DDS? TrueVision 3d only uses .DDS's alpha channel to do transparency for texture splatting and its a pain to have to run the maps through a program I made to transparentify the pngs based on amount of black and white and then open it in photoshop and save as .dds.”

Aaron 2008/09/17 06:05

A perl scripting plugin

See title, or this forum thread. — aaron 2008/02/02 23:54 (for nicethugbert)

A plugin to generate tileset texture maps

See title, or this forum thread. — aaron 2007/08/13 03:42 (for kendo353)

A plugin to generate fine-scaled strata

See title, or this forum thread. — aaron 2007/08/05 13:57 (for prautio)

A plugin to bake the water texture onto the texture map

See title, or this forum thread. — aaron 2007/08/05 03:04 (for madcowthomas)

Google maps exporter

How about an exporter for Google maps? —aaron 2006/11/12 16:27 (for monks)

Here is the relevant forum threadaaron 2006/11/17 22:10

Completed requests

G16 BMP (UT3) plugin

By byteasc in this forum thread.

Doneaaron 2010/01/07

32-bit TIFF import plugin

By guy Riessen in this forum thread.

Doneaaron 2009/04/18

MTL export plugin

By Macbeth in this forum thread.

Doneaaron 2009/06/13

3DS export plugin

By Shealladh in this forum thread.

Doneaaron 2009/07/04

BlitzBasic3D B3D export plugin

By Justin, via e-mail.

Done!aaron 2009/01/17

A Wavefront OBJ export plugin

See title, or this forum thread (by 3DUser).

Done!aaron 2007/09/07 21:02

3D renderer plugin

I think it would be a great idea if someone wrote a plugin that was a 3D renderer. — aaron 2006/10/23 08:57

Well sod it, I've done it myself. aaron 2007/03/02 16:55

TV3D Exporter

I'm thinking it would be nice if someone would write an exporter to allow you to export a project to formats that can be pulled into TrueVision 3D easily. (The heightfield to a bitmap file, and the texture to a bitmap file, with filenames that “match”. For example, “testLandscape-HM.bmp” and “testLandscape-TX.bmp” for the heightmap and texture files, respectively. I don't have the resources to write one myself. Mixael 2006/11/11 19:16

Okay, I think I can bash this together quickly. Are there any other requirements (e.g. size must be power-of-two, etc.)? — aaron 2006/11/12 16:27
Here you go! (note this requires an update to L3DT v2.4.2.11, 13-Nov-06) — aaron 2006/11/13 04:13
1) ASCII text file, supported by Blender
2) Enhanced Compression Wavelet
3) DarkBasic Object
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