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Change log

Later changes

All later changes to Sapphire are logged in the release notes for L3DT (see here).


  • Released: Not yet
  • Changes:
    • Modified raycaster to more quickly reject off-map paths.
    • When opening Sapphire, window now properly restores maximised state (and doesn't change wnd size if maximised, nor if minimised);


  • Released: 24th of July, 2009.
  • Changes:
    • Moved settings into 'Sapphire.ini.xml' file in L3DT's ini dir.
    • Added material support for mesh objects.
    • Added script menu.
    • Added position playback / record.


  • Released: 16th of March 2009, with L3DT v2.7.0.2.
  • Changes:
    • Added call tracing in ShowWnd and HideWnd to assist with driver fault debugging.
    • Added support for OpenGL lighting in polygon/wireframe mode (this adds specular lighting).
    • Added frame timer using GetTickCount.
    • Added more toolbar/menu options (skybox button, fog colour menu option).
    • Added call list support to CsMesh (on by default).
    • Added normal coordinate support to CsMesh.
    • Converted CsBox, CsCylinder and CsCone to have base class of CsMesh, with quadric-like generation methods.
    • Added vertex normals to CsBox and CsCylinder primitives.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed keyboard capture by Sapphire's toolbar, using WindowProc
    • Fixed fog/skybox toggle when changing from tex to poly to wire.
    • Fixed persistence of user settings (when changing menu option, presets file is updated).
    • Fixed typo of 'Frustum' as 'Frustrum' in menu.


  • Released: 1st of February 2009, with L3DT v2.7 beta 2.02.
  • Changes:
    • Added calls to 'glGetError' to check error states.
    • Removed illegal calls to 'glFog' between 'glBegin' and 'glEnd' in water map.
    • Added more scripting functions, including:
      • Sapphire.SetParam
      • Sapphire.GetParam
      • Sapphire.ShowWndEx (takes map handles and flags as arguments)
      • Sapphire.GetHWND
    • Removed topmost flag, to allow brushes to be topmost without Z-fighting.
    • Set 'UI.StartMaximised' flag to true by default.
    • Added toolbar.
    • Compiled with Zeolite API v2.7.1.

Older change logs

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