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Sapphire controls

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Default mode

Control Description
w / s Move forwards/backwards.
a / d Move left/right.
e / r Move up/down (in flying mode).
t Teleport (enter coordinates manually).
Camera control
Left click + drag Pan the camera.
Scroll wheel Zoom in/out
Mode options
m Toggle rendering modes.
h Enable/disable the heightfield editor mode.
Right click Enable camera pan mode.
SPACE Toggle flying/walking modes.
TAB Toggle turbo mode.
p Pause / un-pause renderer.
Rendering options
- / + Decrease/increase maximum view distance (i.e. far plane clipping distance).
9 / 0 Decrease/increase maximum triangle count1).
[ / ] Decrease/increase texture level of detail (LOD) bias.
\ Automatic texture LOD bias.
c Save screen capture.
ESC Close window.

Camera pan mode

Same as default, except:

Control Description
Mouse move Pan the camera.
Right click Disable camera pan mode.

Editor mode

Same as default, except:

Control Description
Left click + drag Apply the selected brush tool.
Right click + drag Pan the camera.
Scroll wheel Increase/decrease brush size.

For a list of additional controls for brush tools, please consult the following pages:

Changing shortcut keys

To change the keys used for various tasks in Sapphire, open the renderer settings window ('Extensions→Sapphire→Renderer settings' in L3DT's menu), then navigate through the tree to 'UI→Keys' You should see a list something like this:


To change a key value, double-click on the list entry, and press the key you wish to use (e.g. 'w'). For non-print characters such as the ESC key, you will instead need to enter '#' followed by the correct decimal ASCII code. For the list of ASCII codes, please consult this helpful website.

1) see triangle count page for effect of changing tricount.
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