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Bulldozer brush

The bulldozer brush lets you create a level pathway between two points. This can be useful for making roads, walls, dams or trenches. The bulldozer tool also automatically creates an embankment if the paththway is above the terrain, or a cutting if the pathway is below the terrain. Here is an example of the bullfozer brush in operation (left), and the results (right):

:plugins:sapphire:userguide:hf_edit:bulldozer1.jpg :plugins:sapphire:userguide:hf_edit:bulldozer2.jpg

Here is a video example of the Bulldozer brush in operation:

Using the bulldozer tool in Sapphire

Bulldozer brush settings

The bulldozer settings are as follows:

Label Default value What is it?
Edge slope (deg) 45.0 The slope of the embankment on either side of the road, in degrees (larger is steeper).
Edge width (px) 100 The maximum width, in pixels, of the embankment on either side of the road.
Vert. offset (m) 0 The height of the road above the start and end points, in metres. Use a negative value to dig a trench, and a positive value to build a wall.

To change the width of the road, use the mouse scroll-wheel (as with all other tools).

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