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Avalanche brush

The avalanche brush allows you to apply natural-looking cracking/tumbling erosion to areas of your map. Avalanche removes material from steep areas of your map, and allows it to tumble downhill until it settles at a flat spot. An example is shown below:

:plugins:sapphire:userguide:hf_edit:thermal1.png :plugins:sapphire:userguide:hf_edit:thermal21.png
Before After

Notice how the valley downhill from the brush is now partly filled-in in the image above right.

Avalanche brush settings

The avalanche settings are as follows:

Label Default value What is it?
Min. slope (deg) 10 The terrain slope angle, in degrees, above which tumbling will take place.
Run length (px) 2 The maximum distance, in pixels, that material can tumble in the avalanche calculation. Use small values (5 or less) for simple smoothing, and large values (50 or more) for realistic cliff/valley erosion.

To change the radius of the avalanche tool, use the mouse scroll-wheel (as with all other tools).

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