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 ====== Welcome! ====== ====== Welcome! ======
-Welcome to the wiki site for the L3DT users' community +Welcome to the L3DT users' wiki. This is the place for users of L3DT to share resources, wisdom and experiences, and collaborate with other users.
-This is the place for users of L3DT to share their wisdom and experiences, showcase their projects, collaborate with other users, and pretty much do as they please. +
- +
-//"But, what exactly is a wiki?"// you may ask. Named after a Hawaiian term for //quick// (//[[wp>Wiki#History|allegedly]]//), a wiki is a type of website that makes it very easy to add and edit content. You don't need to know any of that voodoo HTML formatting stuff; you just login, hit 'edit' and begin typing. If you'd like to give it a try, please check out the [[tutorials:newpage|how to add a new page]] guide. +
- +
- +
- +
- +
 ===== Contents ===== ===== Contents =====
-  * [[tutorials|Tutorials]] and [[reviews|reviews]] +  * [[tutorials|Tutorials]] 
-  * [[plugins|Plugins]][[scripts]] and [[graphs]] +  * L3DT extensions and resources 
-  * [[climates|Climates]] +    * [[Plugins]] 
-  * [[projects|Users' projects]]+    * [[Scripts]] 
 +    * [[Graphs]] 
 +    * [[Climates]]
   * [[videos|Video gallery]]   * [[videos|Video gallery]]
   * [[links|Useful links]]   * [[links|Useful links]]
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