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Beginners' Guide to Heightfield Effects

Author Dead.Rabit
Date 6 June 2007



this is a very pronounced effect, (i had to buff it down a little).

it makes large round mounds at the tops of hills. or peaks.



makes the surface bumpy, not the worlds prettiest effect but useful to dot around on boring places.



this will make a hill go up in steps/stages.



my favourite of the lot. it makes those jagged edges on hills, not great as units cant often traverse it, but a beautiful effect none the less. of all the effects this one probably takes the longest to render.


similar to fractal. however makes divots, and these divots can intertwine, it'd make a great effect for meteor stricken areas. (moon landscapes)

Sea seed

nice and simple, fills said area with water. if I'm not mistaken this takes priority over most things, so the texture will probably have sand in this area. i don't think it affects the heightmap.


fairly straightforward, makes mountains, these are great for semi traversable land.


not the best thing for spring, makes a flat plateau with steep cliffs all around it. although if a mountain of higher land is next to it, they will overlap and its not the nicest of effects, use carefully, and surround by lower land


amazing effect of creating a volcano. placing adjacent squares will merge them into a super volcano, takes a long while to render however, and occasionally makes a mistake when merging 2 adjacent volcanoes together. delete the appropriate volcano seed.

another point is, that i don't think the default climates have a special texture for volcanoes, which spoils it a little bit, however read the climate tutorial and add it to one of the existing climates. the texture for arctic seabed would be a good texture to use.

The End

p.s. i am not a godly user of L3DT and use it about once a month. feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. D.R

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