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Making roads in L3DT

Author Aaron
Last modified 11th of October 2009

This tutorial will walk you through the complete process for making a road on your terrain using L3DT.

Before we start

To follow this tutorial, you will need L3DT Professional release 2.5d build 0 or later, as released on the 28th of May 2008. This is because the tutorial will make use of the attributes map brush tool, which was updated in that release. To check that you have the correct version, select the 'Help→About' menu item. This will show the about box, which includes the version number.


If you are using L3DT Standard (free), you will probably be able to follow most of the tutorial, but the results won't be quite as pretty, since you won't be able to generate the high-resolution attributes/light/texture maps at the end.

Tutorial sections

Final result

Without further ado, the results in 3D:


If you enabled the 'Use run-time lighting over texture' option in Sapphire when painting the attributes map, disable it now, as it will make your texture look dark and ugly in the 3D view.

Further work

Were I to write this tutorial again (and I probably will, someday), I would like to replace the green grassy edges of the roads with pebbles or concrete. A better asphalt texure might help too. Stay tuned for tutorial v2.0!


How do I paint lines on the road?

You could write a plugin to do it, but…

The texture level of detail required to sharply render lines on a unique precalculated terrain texture is beyond that which can be supported in most 3D renderers for all but the tiniest terrain sizes. Instead, it is recommended that the lines be applied in your rendering system (e.g. game engine, ray-tracer, etc), using a texture decal or splatting system. This is something you have to implement; L3DT can't do it for you.

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