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Part 6: More calculations

We're on the homeward stretch now. To generate the final texture map for your terrain, select the 'Operations→Calc. wizard' menu option (shown below), or select the 'calc »' toolbar button. In the calculation wizard, select the 'terrain normals', 'light map' and 'texture map' options, and click 'next »'.


In the normal mapping wizard, enable 'apply bump mapping' and 'make high-res normal map', set 'TN/HF ratio' to 8, enable 'use disk drive paging', and set the tile size to 512 (as below). Click 'next »' to proceed.


In the light mapping wizard, set the light directions and colours to suit. In this tutorial, I will use the defaults. Click 'next »' to proceed when done.


In the second pane of the light mapping wizard, select the settings shown below, and click 'next »' to proceed.


You probably don't need to change any settings in the light/water effects wizard, so click 'next »' to proceed.


In the texture mapping wizard, select the settings shown below, and click 'OK' to begin the calculation.


Once the normals/shadow/light/texture map calculations are complete, L3DT should show you a texture map that looks something like this:


But what does it look like in 3D?

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