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Some functions take map handles as arguments, including most of the heightfield effect functions. To access a map, we use the GetMap function, like so:

calc.HF.ClampMap <GetMap "HF"> -150.2 1224.6 true

The above code clamps the heightfield (retrieved by <GetMap “HF”>) between an altitude of -150.2 metres and 1224.6 metres, and shows the progress bar whilst doing so (true).

By default, the following map are available:

Map name What?
“DM” Design map
“HF” Heightfield
“WM” Water map
“WS” Salinity map
“AM” Attributes map
“TN” Terrain normals
“SH” Shadow map
“LM” Light map
“SpecLM” Specular light map
“TX” Texture map

More maps may be added by plugins, or by the user via the 'File→Import→Custom map layer' or 'Layers→New map layer' menu options.

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