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Description A script to import a GeoTIFF heightfield, clip the altitude range, and then export as a greyscale bitmap.
Author Aaron
Created 2010/05/24
Requires L3DT 11.07 beta 2 or later
Download ClipGeotTiffAndExportAsBmp.zs

Script contents

// Author:  A. Torpy
// Updated: 14 Jul 2011

// create and initialise a file selector
filesel FS
filesel.Init &FS true NULL "GeoTIFF files (*.tif)|*.tif|All files (*.*)|*.*|" "tif" NULL

// ask user for input filename using file selector
if <not <EditUI &FS "Select GeoTIFF file">>
  echo "Script aborted by user"
  return false

// load the map file
map InputHF
if <not <map.LoadFile2 &InputHF <filesel.GetPathA &FS> 20 true true>>
  echo "Cannot load file"
  return false

// get the map size
int nx ny
set nx <map.GetWidth &InputHF>
set ny <map.GetHeight &InputHF>
if <not <and nx ny>>
  echo "Invalid map size"
  return false

// prepare a coordinate list for user to edit
varlist ls
int ls.x1 ls.x2 ls.y1 ls.y2
set ls.x1 0
set ls.x2 <sub nx 1>
set ls.y1 0
set ls.y2 <sub ny 1>

// edit coordinate list
if <not <EditUI &ls "Enter clipping region">>
  echo "Script aborted by user"
  return false

// retrieve coordinates from list (for shorthand)
int x1 x2 y1 y2
set x1 ls.x1
set x2 ls.x2
set y1 ls.y1
set y2 ls.y2

// validate coordinates
assert <not <or <islt x1 0> <isgt x1 <sub nx 1>>>> "Invalid x1 coordinate"
assert <not <or <islt x2 0> <isgt x2 <sub nx 1>>>> "Invalid x2 coordinate"
assert <not <or <islt y1 0> <isgt y1 <sub ny 1>>>> "Invalid y1 coordinate"
assert <not <or <islt y2 0> <isgt y2 <sub ny 1>>>> "Invalid y2 coordinate"
assert <not <isgt x1 x2>> "Invalid coordinates: x1>x2"
assert <not <isgt y1 y2>> "Invalid coordinates: y1>y2"

// get output map size
int cx cy
set cx <add <sub x2 x1> 1>
set cy <add <sub y2 y1> 1>

// initialise output map
map OutputHF
//if <not <map.Init &OutputHF cx cy 20 1 false>>
//  echo "Cannot initialise heightfield"
//  return false

if <not <calc.map.CopyArea &InputHF x1 y1 cx cy &OutputHF 0 0 0x01>>
  echo "Invalid map size"
  return false

// re-initialise file selector
filesel.Init &FS false NULL "Bitmap images (*.bmp)|*.bmp|All files (*.*)|*.*|" "bmp" NULL

// ask user for output filename using file selector
if <not <EditUI &FS "Enter output filename">>
  echo "Script aborted by user"
  return false

if <not <map.SaveFile2 &OutputHF <filesel.GetPathA &FS> false true>>
  echo "Cannot save heightfield"
  return false

MessageBox "Success!" 0x40
return true



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