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Description An example script demonstrating how to use the fopen, fread and fclose script functions.
Author Aaron
Created 2010/05/24
Requires L3DT v2.9 beta 2 or later
Download fread test.zs

Script contents

// Ask user for filename

string FileName
set FileName <file.OpenDlg "txt" NULL "Text files (*.txt)|*.txt|All files (*.*)|*.*|">
if <iseq 0 <strlen FileName>>
  return 0

// Open file

voidptr fp
set fp <fopen FileName "r">
assert fp "Cannot open file!"

// Prepare some variables

char c
string s
bool FileDone
set FileDone false

// Read file character-by-character, and add to string

  if <fread fp c>
    set s <strcat s c>
    set FileDone true
while <not FileDone>

// Write file contents (in string) to event log

echo s

// Report file length using ftell

echo <strcat <strcat "File length was " <ftell fp>> " bytes">

// Close file

fclose fp



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