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LibHFZ is a small set of functions that implement support for the HF2/HFZ compressed heightfield file format. LibHFZ is written in the C programming language, and is free for use under the LGPL.

Latest version v1.4.3
Release date 10th of August 2009

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10th of August, 2009

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7th of September, 2008

13th of September, 2007

17th of May, 2007

17th of May, 2007

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30th of April, 2007

10th of April, 2007

9th of April, 2007 (later)

9th of April, 2007

19th of March, 2007

5th of March, 2007

3rd of March, 2007


LibHFZ is copyright (C) 2007-2009 Aaron Torpy.

LibHFZ uses the zlib library for gzip compression.