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L3DT 18.05 dev build 1

Hi Everyone,

I've just uploaded L3DT v18.05 dev build 1, which fixes a nasty problem that throws lots of error messages when you use the brush tools near the edge of the map in the Sapphire 3D viewer/editor. The fault was caused by the plugin that manages the 'undo' stack, which wasn't properly clipping off-map coordinates. I apologise to all users that have been affected by this fault, especially given the rather long time it's taken me to find and fix it.

If you find any problems with this new build, please don't hesitate to reply to this forum thread, or use the bug reports forum.

Best regards,

Christmas shutdown

Hi Everyone,

With Christmas nearly upon us, it is almost time for the Bundysoft store to temporarily shutdown so that the proprietor may spend more time with family, seafood, mulled spice wine, and a nice big sandy beach*. From the 23rd of December to the 3rd of January, the store will be closed and e-mails will be answered sporadically at best. I hope you all have a joyous and relaxing festive season, and a happy new year.

Best regards,

* not necessarily at the same time; don't drink and swim, kids.

Update: It's closed now. See you next year!

Okay, looks like forum is really fixed now...

Hi Everyone,

It appears that in the debacle that was the Great Bundysoft Hosting Server Migration of 2017, the forum registration auto-mailer settings were broken, which prevented users from activating their new forum accounts. This has now been fixed (and tested!)

I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience to all affected users.

Should you find any further problems in using the forum (or L3DT), please don't hesitate to e-mail aaron@bundysoft.com.

Kind regards,

Forum working again, I think

Hi Everyone,

I think the forum is all back and working again. I offer my most humble apologies for the long delay in getting the site back up after a botched migration.

Please let me know if you find any problems with the site, either in this thread (if the forum works for you), or to aaron@bundysoft.com.

Best regards,

Back on deck

Hi Everyone,

I'm back, and busy cleaning up the spam that was deposited on the site in my absence. The store is also open again, and I've started processing the backlog of e-mails, though that may take another day or so (thank you for your patience!)

Best regards,

Release status
Last release: v16.05, May 2016.
Last dev build: v18.05 build 1, May 2018.

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