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64 bit build of L3DT Pro

Hi Everyone,

A 64 bit developmental build of L3DT Professional is now available on the Pro downloads page (please see your sales/registration receipt e-mail for link). This version is nominally the same as L3DT release 16.03 from last month, with a few minor cosmetic tweaks (plugin manager window, RAM chart window), and a few not-yet-recompiled plugins omitted (PCX, AVI, 3DS, and atTcpSock.)

This build has gone through the same grueling batch tests as the recent 32 bit release version, and no new faults were found. However, there is always the risk that unanticipated problems will show up when deployed on other users' systems, so I would be most grateful to any users who have the time and curiosity to download the 64 bit build and let me know how it goes (either in this forum thread, or by e-mailing aaron@bundysoft.com.) This build should install safely alongside the current 32-bit 16.03 release, so you won't need to uninstall the 32 bit version to try the 64 bit version.

Best regards,

L3DT release 16.03 is available!

Hi Everyone,

It's finally here! L3DT release 16.03 is now available for download, in Standard (free), and Professional editions. For the description of what's new, please have a look at the full release announcement (hint: better large map support, better editor tools, heightfield previews, better mesh exporter, tons of bugfixes, plus much more!)

This is a free update for all L3DT Standard users, and also for all L3DT Professional and L3DT for Torque users who purchased a license after L3DT v11.11 was released (i.e. after the 30th of November 2011). If your license is older than this, you may be interested in our current 40% discount on license renewals. Please address licensing/updating enquiries to sales@bundysoft.com.

Please also note that users of L3DT for Torque should contact sales@bundysoft.com to receive download and activation instructions for L3DT Professional, as L3DT for Torque is no longer available.

To download the update:
  • L3DT Standard Edition is available on the downloads page.
  • L3DT Professional is available on the Pro downloads page. Please consult your reg/sales receipt e-mail for the link.
Feedback is, as always, most welcome. Please reply to this thread if you'd like to post comments, suggestions, questions, etc. Please address feature requests to the feature requests forum. If you find any bugs, please report them using the bug reports forum.

Best regards,

L3DT for Torque

Hi Everyone,

After almost 9 years, ‘L3DT for Torque’ has been discontinued from the GarageGames store. There is, of course, no need to panic.

This change does not affect support for the Torque3D engine in L3DT, as all export plugins are still included with L3DT Professional. L3DT for Torque and L3DT Professional have been functionally identical since L3DT v2.5c in 2008, with the only difference since then being the activation system.

Speaking of activation, I have been assured that the GarageGames Ignition server will continue to activate L3DT for Torque for the near future. Nevertheless, I would urge users of L3DT for Torque to contact sales@bundysoft.com to receive a permanent off-line activation key to L3DT Professional, just in case. All extant licences to ‘L3DT for Torque’ will continue to be supported by Bundysoft.

I’d like to extend my thanks to all the present and past staff at GarageGames with whom I have had contact over the past 9 years, and in particular Ben, Tim, Ken, Karen, James, Derek, Brett, David, and Jacalyn, who provided outstanding technical, customer, and business support.

If you have any questions, please reply to this forum thread, or contact sales@bundysoft.com.


L3DT 16.03 dev build 2

Hi Everyone,

A new developmental build of L3DT Professional (v16.03 build 2) is available on the Pro downloads page (see sales/registration e-mail for link). This version fixes the last blocking bug in the way of the next release, which was to do with memory allocation and exhaustion errors on large un-tiled maps, and maps with large tile sizes.

I would be most grateful if L3DT Pro users, and particularly those predisposed to making large maps, could download and try this version, and let me know how it goes. The larger the map the better. Go nuts.

Should this build get the all-clear, it will become L3DT release 16.03 some time later in the month.

Best regards,

Plugin API update (v16.01)

Hi Everyone,

Plugin developers should note that a new version of the plugin API is now available, which supports scanline-based non-contiguous all-in-RAM maps. If your plugin never uses direct memory access to map data, nor the CzMap::OpenDirectInterface or CzMapTile::OpenDirectInterface functions, then you don't need to update immediately. However, if your plugin does use these functions, please download the update. For more information, please see this blog post.


Release status
Last release: v16.03, March 2016.
Next release: v16.1X, late 2016 (possibly).

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64 bit build of L3DT Pro
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