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Large 3D terrain generator

System requirements

Recommended system specs

Processor (CPU) 2GHz+ Intel Pentium or equivalent, dual core or greater.
Memory (RAM) 4GB or more.
Operating system (OS) Microsoft Windows 10/8/7.
Hard-disk (HDD) 10Gb available disk-space1).
Graphics (GFx) OpenGL 2.0 compatible 3D-graphics card, with 256Mb+ video memory.

Minimum system specs

Processor (CPU) 1GHz Intel Pentium or equivalent.
Memory (RAM) 512MB.
Operating system (OS) Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7.
Hard-disk (HDD) 200Mb available disk-space2).
Graphics (GFx) OpenGL 1.4 (or later) compatible 3D-graphics card, with 128Mb video memory.

The proper operation of L3DT on any system that does not meet or exceed these minimum specifications is unlikely, and certainly not guaranteed.

1) , 2) 30Mb for application, the rest for map output.
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